Fall Update!

Hey Everyone! 

It has been a wild and crazy summer and I have been off the grid (aka I couldn't afford to keep my website online) but I am back and ready for a new year! I like to consider fall more of my new year than the actual new year because it is so full of change. The change in season, the start of school and the kick off to the much anticipated holidays to come seem to make September my January. So I'm kicking off the 'new year' with a TOUR! This baby took way longer to plan than I hoped or would like to admit but I am so glad that the planning is over and now I can tell y'all about it and get ready to hit the road! I'm a little bit insane because I will be teaching music during half of the week and touring during the other half, so there will be a lot of driving and a lot of late night chats with my friends on the road (with my headphones of course!). I'm glad I love the open road! 


In other news.....I have been nominated for TWO YYC MUSIC AWARDS!!!! WHHHATTTT?!?!?! I actually can't even believe it. I have felt so alone in this musical journey so far that it is so encouraging to be recognized for all the hard work! I must be doing something right!!! I am so thankful for the Calgary music community and am really looking forward to getting more plugged in in the coming year. I am still new to Calgary so this is a great step forward for me! Go YYC! 

I am also heading out to the CCMA's to play at a showcase! It is my first big awards weekend and although I won't be there for much of it, I am really looking forward to meeting some people and getting a feel for what all the fuss is about! Thank you OCL Studios, Porch Swing and all the other people who have made this showcase possible! It is such an honor! 


If you would like to follow my fall journey, follow my on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! If you can make it out to a show near you, please do! Your physical, moral and financial is HUGE and such an important part of my continued success and sustainability as an artist. 


Thank you for listening and we will see YOU on the road, folks! 




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