I'm amping up my social media this year and am looking forward to sharing more of myself with you! Here's an overview of what to expect in the coming months!
                                    MONDAY - BLOG POST
                                    Check the website to hear a weekly update about what's going on in my life, what books i'm reading, up and coming news about my                                             music and tours and MORE! It's a place for me to share more with you about what makes me tick and to follow along with me on my                                             journey as a musician.

                                    TUESDAY - 'SONG-DAY TUESDAY'
                                    "Songday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday!"
                                    Everyday of the week, we are being exposed to new music out there, it's almost overwhelming. On Twitter, I will be posting a link to a                                           new song that I have been listening to in the past week, months or year. Some of the songs may be old to you, but are new to me.                                               Whatever is freshly inspiring, I plan to share in hopes that you will gain a deeper understanding of my current life soundtrack.
                                    THURSDAY - THROWBACK
                                    Classic throwback. . . This will be the twitter post where I will share the music that has shaped me in my formative years. From pre-                                               school to high school to even what my parents listened to, it is so important to know where you come from and whether you are musical                                       or not, music shapes our lives. 

                                    FRIDAY - 'TAKE COVER'
                                    Get excited! I will be posting some of my favourite covers every friday! It's about time, hey? I'll even take requests! 

Looking forward to tomorrow, the first "Song-day Tuesday" being my new single "CROONER SING TO ME!"


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