I am honored to have won the Calgary Music Award for "Blues Recording of the Year" for my song, " Crooner Sing To Me." I never expected to be nominated, let alone, win an award for this song. Thank you to the YYCMA Committee for this award, to the City of Calgary and the music community for welcoming me in with open arms and to Russell Broom, Mike Little, Chris Bryne and Lyle Molzan for making this song sound WICKED! Thank you to Evergreen Sound and Brian Doerksen for recording and producing the song.



This song was my first songwriting assignment at Prairie College. All we had to do was write a 12-bar blues. I went back to my room and wrote the first two verses. I have a background in Jazz and have loved Crooners since I was very young, so the imagery of being serenading by a Crooner was easy to conjure up and lent itself well to a sultry blues song. I didn't think much of the song going beyond this assignment but I enjoyed playing it for the class the next day. Later on in the year, I decided to finish it and perform it at an open mic with a full band. It was a blast! 

When the decision making process begun for my EP, I knew this song wouldn't make the cut because it didn't fit with any of my other songs, but I knew I wanted to record it as a single later on. That's exactly what I did and boy, did it pay off! 


I hope to have the chance to write more blues and jazz in the future, but for now I am enjoying the process of folk that I am on and always pull out the jazz tunes at my gigs. If you have yet to hear the song, have a listen on itunes or spotify!




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