Fresh Year, Fresh Start!

Happy New Year Everyone! 

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and New Years Celebrations. 
All my hopes for a cheery fresh start were crushed as I battled sickness as I'm sure many others of you have as well, but I am back in Three Hills and it feels good to get into the groove of things again. 

I have a lot to look forward to this year and thought I would share some highlights of what you can be looking forward to as well! 

1. My SINGLE in fully funded and I start recording this week! It will feel so good to get back into the studio. I'm hoping to get some video and photography sessions in for that as well so you can all get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of "Crooner Sing To Me."

2. I have the privelige of teaching alongside Brian Doerksen in one of the very classes I took last year called "How Musicians Work." I will be sharing my experiences this past year about what it is like being a working musician after college and will be helping the students get their feet on the ground with tips and tricks and their very own website! I will also be coaching them in performance and I also get to give them lots of homework, which means I will have lots of marking to do...but I am really looking forward to it!

3. I have a chance to play for a few minutes at Breakforth Canada in Edmonton, Alberta at the end of this month. 

4. Besides my recording, I have the HUGE honor to be recording with Brian Doerksen for some of his upcoming projects. You can follow Brian HERE for more details. 

Beyond that, I am trying my best to keep pressing on and trying not to lose hope. It's a tough road but one that I know will be worth it in the end!

Stay warm friends,