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Hello all,

I just got back from a busy half-week in Calgary. I love that city. It is definitely winning me over with its culture, the friends I have that live there and the beauty of the mountains on the western horizon. I got the opportunity to co-write with a young and talented YYC artist, Terez Goulet. Not only is she gorgeous, but she's got such a great work ethic and passion for what she does. I was inspired by her and even though I am 25, I felt old and behind on everything I needed to do. But I must remember that each person's journey is different, so here I am, 25, single, full-time musician and living on a path that I didn't know how to get to two years ago. It's pretty sweet. I also  had the honor of meeting with an award-winning songwriter, Joni Delaurier. It was so nice to chill over lattes and talk about life and music. I am excited to listen to her artist suggestions that she gave me (one was Jason Isbell), but you should check out her album on itunes:

After those busy 3 days, I headed home for a weekend of gigs. This weekend was another learning experience for me when it comes to gigging. I am always humbled by how a gig can be exactly the opposite of what I expect it is going to be. I appreciate the reminder that I am not in control and that I have to stay open to all the opportunities that come my way when I enter each venue. This one particular show was one for the books. It was an afternoon of music, free admission, in a small town. I was pretty tired from my week of galavanting so it was just gonna be another show. Well, it was most certainly NOT just another show. The crowd was so kind and supportive, I got another gig out of it, made the same amount of money from the previous night (Which was a ticketed event) and I even had a fan who came out to see me and asked if I played "Michigan Man" and "If Only You Were Sitting Here" yet. Guys, I have a fan! I was just so excited. She ended up being an Angel to me. These beginning stages of networking can be really hard and it is such a burst of energy to have someone come alongside you who just believes in you so much, even more than you do yourself. It's a good reminder to me that I am heading in the right direction as well. 

So as you start another week with another massive list of things to do, stay positive, take it one day at a time, and remember to never stop pursuing your dreams. Life is too short to pursue security and comfort out of fear. You were created to bless and serve others with your gifts and that's not always easy or comfortable, but it's always worth it. Don't waste your life trying to conform to a social norm of status or identity. Your identity is not in your job, your marital status, your kids, your possessions or other people's opinions. Stay true to who you are!

Have a great week!


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