Summer Update!

photography by Mason Unrau Photography
Hey all! 

Summer has been wild but I wanted to fill you in on what's been going on.

I have been busking and playing gigs a lot. It has been great practice and I love meeting new people. It is such a small world and every gig I go to, I meet someone who knows someone I know. I love building connections and relationships with new people and you just never know what doors will open! 
My hands, wrist and arms are still sore from playing a lot so I am trying to stretch and take it easy as much as I can. 

As I am writing this, I am currently preparing to go on a trip to Ontario next week for a week. I will be playing a couple shows while I am there but for the most part I will be seeing many old friends. It's gonna be HOT there so that will be a nice break from this bipolar weather we have been having here in Alberta. 
When I return from that trip, I un-pack, re-pack and leave two days later for my BC tour for FIVE WEEKS! It hasn't hit me yet that it is actually happening yet but today I finally completed all my bookings and I will have a tour poster coming out later this week! I am so excited to get out on the open road, have some time to rest and meet a ton of people and play music! I am also excited to live in a mini-van ;)

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Thanks for all the love and support.

Shalom and Love,

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  • Miranda Jackson
    Miranda Jackson Evansburg, AB
    Live your dream Carly!! Enjoy every moment that you are in, for they are fleeting!! Hugs 💗

    Live your dream Carly!! Enjoy every moment that you are in, for they are fleeting!! Hugs 💗

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