Tour Update


As many of you know, I had been planning to purchase a camper van and head off east for the month of July and then bum around BC in August, playing wherever I can while enjoying the beautiful Canadian scenery. Well as dates were fast approaching, I was faced with the reality of booking locations and what the best financial decisions would be and decided to change my plans a little bit. I will still be heading to Ontario, but only for a week and no, I will not be purchasing a camper van. Yes, I am still planning a mini tour through BC in August but to be honest, it is quite hard to get bookings this late, especially without being known. At first, this was a very hard realization as I experienced my first "why am I doing this?" day, feeling very small and discouraged. But time always has a way of working things out for the best. The summer is still filled with lots of opportunities and is going to be a great experience to get my feet wet in the music world, meet some awesome new people, catch up with old friends and make new memories! 
In the meantime, I am continuing to book shows, write songs and slowly check off my massive to-do list, one which seems to grow with each passing day. 

Thank you to all of you who have been so supportive and encouraging through this difficult transition time in my life. Ya, it's been stressful and still is, but I am learning and growing a lot! 



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