1. In Your Arms

From the recording Fantasy- EP

Words and Music by Carly Reirson


I used to be a lost and lonesome girl
With no place to call my own, no love for me to feel
Then you found me and I felt the things my heart was longing for
when you held me close I knew my home was yours
Home is in the arms of the one you love
It’s the shelter from the thunder and the storms above
When my world begins to fall i’ll run into your arms
And you’ll hold me tight and never let me go

Our love was fresh like the fragrance of the rain
Sunny summer days spent daydreaming
When I looked up in your eyes that looked down deeper into mine
The coming seasons never crossed my mind
Home is in the arms of the one you love
Boy, believe me you’re the only man I’m thinking of
When my mind begins to fade and all is closing in
In your arms I will remember our love

The days were not as blissful as could be
Tensions growing thick, thoughts meandering
As the doubting tides arise and anxious waves come rushing in
You’re the one to calm the restlessness within
Home is in the arms of the one you love
Whether journeys lead to steady seas or rivers rough
When i’m drifting far from you and distance grows within
Please pull me back into your loving arms

We knew this time would come right from the start
Not by choice or our own will, but til death do us part
Even though the days seem shorter and the nights seem shorter still
Our love lives in a home that death can’t kill
Home is in the arms of the one you love
Even as we’re growing frail and breaking down to dust
While we’re old and gray and all that’s left is you and me
We’ll be together in each other’s arms
Cause I know my home is when I’m in your arms
And I am right at home
I am safe at home
There’s no place like home
I am here at home
Honey, I’m home
In your arms